M83 - We own the sky

Such a lovely song and video. Makes me feel happy every time, haha. And watch the whole thing because after a while it will.. change.

Went to the doctor a few hours ago, they told me I had
glandular fever (körtelfeber). Woho!
Hm. It's so weird, the birds are singing right outside my window now. Like it's spring, what a misunderstanding.

Tuesday, scrabble.

Yesterday I was going to see a band play at språkcafét in Gothenburg. I don't even know the name of the band, but I think they're good. It wasn't a good idea to go there though. I thought I was feeling better but now I'm even more sick. This has noo eeeenddddd. Anyway, the band was late so I missed them. During the time I waited I played scrabble (a german one?) with some friends.

Katie Eary

My last Katie Eary post didn't seem to work so I'll try it again.

I really like the idea with showing a new collection in video like this. Not everyone can go and see the catwalk live, and it's easy to show to others this way.

And.. I love this collection. It's Katie Eary spring/summer 2010 and she's been inspired by old litterature. This is her mordern "fashion soldiers".

The song is When things Explode - UNKLE

Talking about introducing new fashion in videos this is a very good youtube channel. I don't know if this person just makes them for fun or for commercial but they're awesome anyway.


Today I've been:

Playing around with my cousin Charlie

Meeting Patrik (who's extreamly camera shy)

and.. watching the rain.

Lazy sundays are always the best ones, aren't they?

Christmas at Liseberg

Sacha Hilton


I love these photographs. They're all by Sacha Hilton who is a big inspiration for me.
Today I'm going to Liseberg! Woho

Into darkness

Right now all I want to do is to go outside, photograph and meet people. Until then - my room.

Mars Argo + New cameras!

I just have to show you this:
Those two people met on the internet, decided to move together to make art. So they moved to chicaco, they're calling themselves Titanic Sinclair and Mars Argo (Mars Argo is also the name of their band). They say that they are from the future, the internet, and that they are sent here to make peace. I guess they're in love and everything and it's really cute.

Well, at least they are making fantastic music, videos and art together.

I'm just being bored, ill and sitting here at home so this really made me happy. Hope you'll like it.

I love my hair when I'm ill. It's awesome.

.. And also. I've bought myself a canon g11 and a canon eos 5D so as soon as I'm feeling better you'll have both videos and photos of high quality, woho.

Damaris, new Patrick Wolf video

The video for my favourite patrick wolf song is finally here. I love it! He's dancing some kind of old fashioned english dance haha. You probably know I've sold my soul to this man, his art, music and creativity. Waa. He's just getting better all the time.




Ok this is not even funny.

Just a little bit. (Elviras video)

Eh. I love it.

My camera is very very dead and will never more see the light of day. But I'm looking for a new one! A canon 5D or something. We'll see. Sorry for the lack of photos.

The song, which I'm obsessed with, is called raindrops and it's made by Basement Jaxx

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